Transforming the Vermont State Colleges System

It’s time to reimagine higher education. At the Vermont State Colleges — Castleton, Northern Vermont University, Vermont Tech, and the Community College of Vermont — we are doing just that.

We must adapt to today’s world and change to meet the needs and desires of today’s students, faculty, and communities. We recognize the societal shifts that are happening, as well as the necessity for better access and affordability. That’s why, with the assistance and support of the Vermont Legislature, we have entered a bold and comprehensive Transformation Initiative Plan to launch the new Vermont State University comprised of the best of Castleton, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Tech, to be launched fall of 2023. We will also be looking for opportunities to consolidate administrative services and supports across the new university and CCV as well.

We’ve been at work building this future since before the pandemic hit. Our five-year plan delivers a vision and strategy for a world-class education at a state university that offers liberal arts, technical, and professional studies to prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s careers. 

All kinds of students will have traditional and more flexible ways to access higher education for lifelong learning. Our new structure will also assure system-wide financial sustainability. 

Join us for an exciting ride into the future, as Vermont leads the way!  

For a full explanation of what led to the Transformation and what brought us to today, please click here.

Latest Updates

  • Message from the Council of Presidents: The State of Transformation

    The Council of Presidents – Sophie Zdatny, Pat Moulton, Joyce Judy, Tom Mauhs-Pugh, and John Mills – wish each of you a happy New Year. It was a busy and intense time over the last several weeks of the Fall semester, and we hope you were able to take some time to be with friends …

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  • Reminder – Upcoming Board and Committee Meetings

    Agenda and meeting materials for upcoming meetings are posted here. January 24, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.                Education, Personnel & Student Life (EPSL) Committee (Zoom) January 24, 2022 at 1:30 p.m.                Full Board meeting (Zoom) February 7, 2022 (time TBD)                Audit Committee (Zoom) February 7, 2022 (time TBD)                Finance & Facilities (Zoom) Additional information about Board …

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  • New Transformation Website

    The new transformation website ( is the new location for transformation information and it has now replaced the previous Transformation page on the website.  Past transformation updates are available under the “News and Updates” tab on the new site and are searchable so you can locate information relevant to a specific topic, either by …

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