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Transforming the Vermont State Colleges System

image is a background of light gray with four black logos on it. these are the logos are for Castleton University, Community College of Vermont, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Tech.

It’s time to reimagine higher education. At the Vermont State Colleges — Vermont State University and the Community College of Vermont — we are doing just that.

We must adapt to today’s world and change to meet the needs and desires of today’s students, faculty, and communities. We recognize the societal shifts that are happening, as well as the necessity for better access and affordability. That’s why, with the assistance and support of the Vermont Legislature, we have engaged in a bold and comprehensive Transformation Initiative Plan. We have launched the new Vermont State University, bringing together the best of Castleton, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Tech. We are also taking advantage of opportunities to consolidate administrative services and supports across the new university and CCV as well.

We’ve been at work building this future since before the pandemic hit. Our five-year plan delivers a vision and strategy for a world-class education at a state university and community college that together offers liberal arts, technical, and professional studies to prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s careers. 

All kinds of students will have traditional and more flexible ways to access higher education for lifelong learning. Our new structure will also assure system-wide financial sustainability. 

Join us for an exciting ride into the future, as Vermont leads the way!  

Latest Updates

  • ERP Assessment Recommendation

    Last fall, we kicked off a project to assess the VSC’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Ellucian Colleague, and create a roadmap to future sustainability. The ERP software system supports our core business processes and helps us run our operations. The scope of the assessment included Colleague, UKG, and other software systems connected to Colleague.…

  • ERP Assessment Update

    As previously announced as part of an update shared at the Board meeting on November 13, 2023, the Vermont State Colleges (VSC) is partnering with the enterprise systems consultant, Ferrilli, to assess the VSC Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system, Ellucian Colleague, and create a roadmap to future sustainability. The assessment will look at our whole…

  • VTSU Optimization 2.0 – Refined Report

    Here is a link to the VTSU Optimization 2.0 Refined Report. Press Release: Vermont State University Refines Optimization 2.0 Program Recommendations and Buyout Plan that Averts the need for all but One Layoff Refined plan incorporates feedback from stakeholders, identifies additional areas for growth to meet students where they are with relevant, high-demand degrees and…